Solar Images

AIA 304

Where: Upper chromosphere and lower transition region
Wavelength: 304 angstroms (0.0000000304 m) = Extreme UV
Primary ions seen: singly ionized helium (He II)
Characteristic temp.: 50,000 K (90,000 F)

AIA 171

Where: Quiet corona and upper transition region
Wavelength: 171 angstroms (0.0000000171m)=Extreme UV
Primary ions seen: 8 times ionized iron (Fe IX)
Characteristic temp.: 1 million K (1.8 million F)

HMI Magnetogram

Where: Photosphere
Wavelength: 6173 angstroms (0.0000006173 m) = Visible
Primary ions seen: Neutral iron (Fe I)
Characteristic temp.: 6,000 K (11,000 F)

HMI Intensitygram
sdo_aia_171 sdo_aia_171


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